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The St. Paul’s Salmon Fishing Club affords exclusive access to one of the finest Atlantic Salmon rivers in North America. More than 30 pools spread over several miles of river provide holding water throughout the entire season. The Club’s experienced guides know exactly where to find active fish, often within minutes from camp. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to fish the St. Paul’s for the past 15 years and, as always, I will be returning.

Tom Ciardelli

Hanover NH

The St Pauls Salmon Fishing Club holds a special place in my heart, and the hearts of those who have been blessed to experience this adventure. Our group has been attending for over 40 years, and most of us for ~ 20 years.  The staff there works diligently to put us on fish. Those guides with legacy knowledge of the river add tremendous value to the experience and care about us as clients.  They are one reason we keep returning. The Letto’s do an excellent job on transportation and logistics and are planning for the next generation of the camp’s management.  If you are fortunate enough to experience the St Pauls once, the probability is very high that you will want to return many times as we have.

Doug Lane

Virgina, USA

Having fished the SPSC for over 40 years, 15 of which with my daughter, the experience has been simply the Best!!!   The River is absolutely beautiful, accommodations very comfortable, guides and kitchen staff excellent, and the fishing is great.  Strongly recommend the St Pauls!!!!    PS One year our guides names were Gill, Finn, Rod, Wade and Eddie!!!

Jeff Parsons

I hooked and landed my first Atlantic Salmon over 30 years ago on the Northwest Miramichi River Since then by my count I have fished on 17 Salmon rivers in New Brunswick and Quebec, from gin clear to tea colored, small, and intimate to large and wide. No two rivers are the same. The one constant - the salmon that run up the river each year to spawn.

In 2006, Pete Henderson invited me to join a group to fish the St Paul River in far northern Quebec in late August. Pete had first fished the St Paul in the 1970s and had returned each year since. I jumped at the chance to fish a new river and meet like-minded sports. Pete had shared pictures and regaled the group with his several stories about the river, the camp, and the fishing .Even so I was not prepared for the magic, the breathtaking setting and unparalleled experience I enjoyed that week. The untamed, free flowing, remote, and incredibly picturesque river that is the St Paul is truly spellbinding. We were welcomed warmly by the staff, many of whom have become friends over the years. We were daily put on fish by the experienced guides, all characters in their own rights, and we were very comfortable in the camp perfectly situated on the banks of the river. The fishing and overall experience was more than as advertised. I was hooked and I have returned every year since,  save for a two-year COVID imposed moratorium, often for 2 and some years 3 weeks.  I have introduced several other fishing friends to the St Paul who annually return. I am forever grateful for Pete’s invitation in 2006.

Each winter I tie up more Salmon flies as I eagerly anticipate the coming summer and my return to the St Paul Salmon Fishing Club’s camp to wade and fish the St Paul river for the at times willing and at others elusive Salmo Salar and to reunite with good friends.

 Johnny Letto and his family continue the St Paul Salmon Fishing Club tradition, making the camp a comfortable home away from home for the sports. He, his camp staff, and guides are attentive to our every need, whether in camp or on the river, in this rugged and remote setting. The camp’s ambience, while understated, fits perfectly into its breathtaking surroundings. Make no mistake we are there for what swims in the river. The Salmon are often willing takers of our flies while at other times as is my experience can be elusive and uncooperative. But that is Salmon fishing. Based on my experiences, the Salmon fishing on the St Paul river is as good if not better than any other Salmon river I have fished. 

The St Paul Fishing Club and the St Paul River provide a high-quality complete Atlantic Salmon fishing experience. While I continue to fish other Salmon rivers when the opportunity arises, the combination of the first-class fishing, the warmth and dedication of Johnny and his team, the ambience of the camp, the sharing of the experience with other like-minded friends and sports, and all in an unspoiled scenic and remote area is unequaled in my experience. The anticipation and then the feeling when the fly line tightens followed by airborne silver on the St Paul River is hard to beat and what it is all about. I can’t wait for the summer of 2024 and my return to the St Paul River.

Jake Wheeler

East Burke, Vermont

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