St. Paul's Salmon Fishing Club is located on the St. Paul River in the province of Quebec. A renowned salmon fishing destination, the St. Paul River is located on the Gulf of St. Lawrence; approximately four hundred miles north-east of Seven Islands, across from the northwestern tip of Newfoundland.

Sitting 40 miles north of the river's mouth, The St. Paul Salmon Club occupies one of the most favorable locations in the area. Logistically, this location is optimal as it allows for safe and easy landing for the small planes that travel in and out with our guests.

For enthusiasts, the camp is in close proximity to some of the best salmon fishing water on the St. Paul; half a mile above camp, the river widens and finds its way amongst a collection of small islands. These runs between the islands provide the best early-season fishing on the St. Paul. Later in the season, as the salmon move further onward, the fishing is usually concentrated just four or five miles upriver from the camp.

So if you want to cast a line with us you fly to Deer Lake, NL which is serviced by Air Canada with direct connecting flights thru Halifax NS, Montreal and Toronto. See more details under reservations and rates. - Also click on the Google Earth Placemark below to bring you to the camp.

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